Uncover how to proactively manage Instant Messaging risks

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Meet Lawrence Prattis, Advisor CA Technologies Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) in Computer Software, Greater New York City Area.

He has to proactively manage Instant Messaging risks. His main goal is preventing requirements are defined by an intermediary without directly consulting or involving those who will eventually use the product being produced.

In his Instant Messaging Toolkit Lawrence has 80 documents that cover the Instant Messaging topic.

Lawrence finds 20 Powerpoint Presentations, 37 PDFs and 23 Word Documents that cover Instant Messaging in-depth.

Lawrence hones in on the following actionable documents and quickly scrolls through each document:

– 02-2 Knowledge Capture Development Process.doc
– 03 Instant Messaging Use Policy.doc
– 03a EXAMPLE Instant Messaging Policy.doc
– 0749454660.pdf
– Active Directory Domain Controllers.doc
– Add Instant Messaging Integration To Custom Domino Applications.ppt
– Advisory Memorandum – Mobile Devices.doc
– Ajla–ts White Paper.pdf
– Alignment And Gaps In Workforce Development Programs For Phase 2 Of The Secure Power Systems Professional Project.pdf
– All Organizations Provide Some Level Of Audio Teleconferencing Services To Its Staff.ppt
– Application And Open Source Information Technology Policy Filter.pdf
– Both Worms Use The Familiar Technique Of Using Its Own Smtp Engine.ppt
– Business Continuity Planning Workprogram.doc
– Catalog.pdf
– Changes Have Moved Very Quickly In The Telecommunications Industry.ppt
– Characteristics Of Instant Messaging Services.doc
– City Of Seattle.doc
– Collaborative Tools.pdf
– Competing Mobile Payment Offers.pdf
– Creating Customer Value Relationships And Experiences In Marketspace.ppt
– Creation Of A Universal Profile Of A User By Identifying Similar User .pdf
– Customer Retention And Experience Management.ppt
– Customer Shared Control In Customer Service Scenarios.pdf
– Digital Commerce.doc
– Dual Parallel Software Development Model.pdf
– Employee Whose Key Assets And Contributions To The Organization Are Derived.pdf
– Enhanced Management Of A Web Conferencing Server.pdf
– Enterprise Directory And Messaging Project Glossary.doc
– Extending Infrastructure Security To Services In A Cloud Computing Environment.pdf
– Extending Organizational Boundaries Throughout A Cloud Architecture.pdf
– Extensible Instant Messaging Service.pdf
– External Client Notification Processes Feedback Loops.pdf
– Forecast-less Service Capacity Management.pdf
– Generating Instant Messaging Contacts For Customer Relationship Management .pdf
– Graphics Files- Visio Postscript Pdf Tiff Etc.pdf
– Hibernate Mode For Chat Service.pdf
– Hipaa Cow.doc
– Hour class.doc
– Ibm Converged Communications Services – Ip Contact Center.PPT
– If It Is Remotely Possible It Is Possible Remotely.doc
– Information Security -Creating Awareness Educating Staff And Protecting Information.ppt
– Information Security Management.doc
– Instant Messaging Interaction System And Method Thereof.pdf
– Isolating Resources Between Tenants In A Software-as-a-service System Using .pdf
– It Strategy 2- Enterprise Content Management.ppt
– Jain Sip Can Be Used For Building Instant Messaging And Presence Clients And Servers.ppt
– Leadership In Cloud Computing.pdf
– Learning Outcomes.ppt
– Managed Security Service Provider (Mssp) Networks Are A Form Of Collaboration Where Several.pdf
– Method For Assembling A Business Process And For Orchestrating The Process .pdf
– Microsoft E-learning.doc
– Mobile Payment Station System And Method.pdf
– Ms Sql Administration Certifications Are Desirable.doc
– Network Technology Associate.ppt
– Nortel And Ibm Alliance Unified Communications And Collaboration nortel Scs On Ibm Power Systems.ppt
– Openscape Web Collaboration.ppt
– Optimization.pdf
– Predicting Future Performance Of Multiple Workers On Crowdsourcing Tasks And .pdf
– Ranking Social Network Objects.pdf
– Records Retention For Non-profits In A Digital Age.ppt
– Retail Chain Consolidates It Infrastructure On Microsoft Server Technologies.doc
– Safeguards Technical Assistance Memorandum.doc
– Secure Delivery And Storage.ppt
– Service-oriented Architecture (Soa) Management Of Data Repository.pdf
– Sso.2Background.doc
– Strand- A. History Of The Arts And Culture.doc
– System And Method For Embedded Instant Messaging Collaboration.pdf
– Systems And Methods For Customized Instant Messaging Application For .pdf
– Systems And Methods For Managing Interactive Communications.pdf
– Systems And Methods In Electronic Evidence Management For Creating And .pdf
– Techniques For Performing Data Loss Prevention.pdf
– The Future Of Communications.ppt
– Unified Communications Buyers Guide.pdf
– Unified Communications What Is It.ppt
– Unified Communications- Drivers Benefits.ppt
– Unified Communications.doc
– Utilize Instant Messaging Or Other Network-based Communication And Collaboration Tools.ppt
– Vertical And Horizontal Integration In The Media Sector And Eu Competition Law.pdf
– Why Are Social Technologies So Popular With Young People.doc
– Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0Evaluation Guide.doc

Lawrence now feels secure about his Instant Messaging awareness and has the viable data and cases he needs to proactively manage Instant Messaging risks in minutes. On top of that, the documents also give him input on how to probe the present value of growth of Instant Messaging.

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