Review how to define what is our big hairy audacious Service-oriented architecture goal

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See the benefits the Service-oriented architecture Toolkit and LAB membership has for you with this Service-oriented architecture specific Use Case:

Meet Seth Cherkashin, Human Resources Manager in Computer Software, Greater Atlanta Area.

He needs to define what is our big hairy audacious Service-oriented architecture goal. His main goal is preventing failure to understand the why behind the what results in a project delivering something that fails to meet the real needs of the organization (i.e. failure to ask or answer the question ‘what are we really trying to achieve?’).

In his Service-oriented architecture Toolkit Seth has 38 documents that cover the Service-oriented architecture topic.

Seth finds 6 Powerpoint Presentations, 23 PDFs and 9 Word Documents that cover Service-oriented architecture in-depth.

Seth hones in on the following actionable documents and quickly scrolls through each document:

– Business Intelligence.ppt
– California Enterprise Architecture Framework Service-oriented Architecture (Soa) Reference Architecture (Ra).pdf
– Capability And Maturity-based Soa Governance.pdf
– Cloud Computing Security Working Group.pdf
– Concepts In Enterprise Resource Planning.ppt
– Data Grids And Service-oriented Architecture.pdf
– Department Of Health And Human Services (Dhhs).pdf
– Elements Of Service-oriented Architecture.ppt
– Enterprise Architecture.doc
– Evaluating A Service-oriented Architecture.pdf
– Extracting Business Rules Of A Service-oriented Architecture (Soa) System.pdf
– Integrating Component And Server Based Computing Technologies Into Computing Curricula.doc
– It Enterprise Service-oriented Architecture Draft Of Adoption Roadmap.doc
– It Enterprise Service-oriented Architecture Expanded Software Development Plan.doc
– It Enterprise Service-oriented Architecture Soa Readiness Assessment Checklist.doc
– It Enterprise Service-oriented Architecture.doc
– Itil And Togaf 9.1- Two Frameworks.pdf
– Javascript- Language Basics.doc
– Message Validation In A Service-oriented Architecture.pdf
– Meta-data Driven Service-oriented Architecture (Soa)-enabled Application .pdf
– Method And Apparatus For Service-oriented Architecture Process Decomposition .pdf
– Operating Oracle Forms Using A Web Service.pdf
– Outsourcing Business To Cloud Computing Services- Opportunities And Challenges.pdf
– Progress-driven Progress Information In A Service-oriented Architecture.pdf
– Rapidly Expose Business Services To Interested Parties.doc
– Service-oriented Architecture (Soa) Management Of Data Repository.pdf
– Service-oriented Architecture (Soa) Reference Architecture (Ra).pdf
– Service-oriented Architecture (Soa) Vs. Component Based Architecture.pdf
– Service-oriented Architecture For Building A Scalable Videoconferencing System.pdf
– Service-oriented Architecture Systems And Methods.pdf
– Service-oriented Architecture.pdf
– Service-oriented Architecture.ppt
– So Many Frameworksso Little Time- Whats An Architect To Do.doc
– Soa Lifecycle Governance And Management.pdf
– Testing Service-oriented Architecture (Soa).pdf
– The Emerging Services Infrastructure Layer.ppt
– Web Service Information Management In Service-oriented Architecture Applications.pdf
– Xml Web Services Service-oriented Architecture.ppt

Seth now feels unwavering about his Service-oriented architecture awareness and has the practical input and examples he needs to define what is our big hairy audacious Service-oriented architecture goal in minutes. On top of that, the documents also give him input on how to oversee implementation of Service-oriented architecture.

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