Potentiometer – Audio control

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Low-power potentiometers, either direct and Rotary, are applied to command sound outfits, differing loudness, oftenness fading and different attributes of sound signals.

The ‘log pot’ is applied like the abundance command in sound power amplifiers, where it is as well named an ‘audio abate pot’, since the ambit reply of the mortal ear is about logarithmic. It assures that on a volume command pronounced 0 to 10, for instance, a positioning of 5 resonances subjectively fifty per cent as loud as a positioning of 10. There is as well an anti-log jack either inverse sound abate that is plainly the inverse of a logarithmic pot. It is nearly on every relevant occasion applied within a ganged arrangement with a logarithmic pot, for example, in an sound level command.

Potentiometers applied within amalgamation with sieve networks work like timbre powers either equalizers.