Oil lamp – Palestine

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Jerusalem canvas lamp: Characteristic black tint of the character since the character was scorched short of oxygen. Usually of elevated quality.
Daroma canvas lamp:
Jerash canvas lamp:
Nabatean canvas lamp:
Herodian canvas lamp: Considered to be applied mostly by Jews. Wheel produced, rounded. Nozzle with dented aspects. The lamps are normally not adorned. If there is adornment, it inclines to be straightforward. Very commonplace all over altogether of Israel, and some lamps have as well been noticed in Jordan. Date from 1st period of 100 years BCE to the conclusion of the 1st period of 100 years CE.
Menorah canvas light, 7 nozzles: Rare and are related with Judaism since of the numerical link with the seven forks either arms of the Menorah.
Samaritan canvas lamp: Characterized by a sealed stuffing aperture, that was to be shattered by the customer. This was undoubtedly completed to establish custom chasteness. A broader drainpipe, and the concavities flanking the beak are nearly on every relevant occasion accentuated with a ladder design group. In common the lamps are uncoated. The adornment are direct and or geometric.
Type I: A clearly different delivery method operating from the pouring-hole to the beak, a not so large blob cover, a ladder design about the beak and displays no adornment on the bottom of the center.
Type II: Pear-shaped and extended, lined delivery method that extends from the filling-hole to the beak, sustained to be applied via to the first Muslim time.
Candle Stick canvas lamp: Menorah plan on the beak and bundle of grapes on the shoulders.
Byzantine canvas lamp: The top components are concealed with braided models and their operates. All are produced of a darkness orange-red character. A rounded bottom with a clearly different X either cross materializes inner the circled center.
Early Islamic canvas lamp: Large blob cover and the delivery method overhead the beak are authoritative components. The cover is tongue-shaped. Decoration is rich and classy. The lesser components are very wide and the nozzles are pointed.