Media bias – Anglophone bias in the world media

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It has been noticed that the world’s leading suppliers of information, the information bureaus, and the principal buyers of information are Anglophone organizations and this presents an Anglophone prejudice to the choice and definition of happenings. Anglophone descriptions of what forms information are paramount; the information presented originates in Anglophone axis and responds first to their own affluent home markets.

Despite the excess of information facilities, nearly all information hard-copied and transmit all over the planet each day arrives from solely a limited important bureaus, the 3 greatest of that are the Associated Press, Reuters and Agence France-Presse. Although those bureaus are ‘global’ in the feel of their actions, they any hold important relationships with specific countries, that is to say France (AFP), the United States (AP) and the United Kingdom (Reuters). Chambers and Tinckell propose that the supposed worldwide media are representatives of Anglophone principles that restricted right standards of ‘competitive individualism, laissez-faire capitalism, parliamentary republic and consumerism.’ They perceive the presentment of the English lingo like foreign as a additional characteristic of Anglophone supremacy.