Internet Group Management Protocol – IGMPv2 messages

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IGMPv2 bundle structure
+ Bits 0–7 8–15 16–31
0 Type Max Resp Time Checksum
32 Group Address
Indicates the communication sort as follows: Membership Query (0x11), Membership Report (IGMPv1: 0x12, IGMPv2: 0x16, IGMPv3: 0x22), Leave Group (0x17)
Max Resp Time
Specifies the time restrain for the comparable outline. The area has a resolve of 100 milliseconds, the worth is taken immediately. This area is eloquent solely in Membership Query (0x11); in different communications it is set to 0 and disregarded by the recipient.
Group Address
This is the multicast address being queried as dispatching a Group-Specific either Group-and-Source-Specific Query. The area is zeroed as dispatching a General Query.
The dispatch is dispatched to ensuing IP addresses:
IGMPv2 goal address
Message Type Multicast Address
General Query All holds (
Group-Specific Query The cluster being queried
Membership Report The cluster being reported
Leave Group All data routers (