Hierarchy History of the term

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Possibly the first employ of the English expression ‘hierarchy’ quoted by the Oxford English Dictionary was in 1880, as it was applied within citation to the 3 commands of 3 Angels as depicted by Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite (5th–6th centuries). Pseudo-Dionysius applied the associated Greek expression (hierarchia) either in citation to the heavenly power pecking order and the churchly power pecking order. The Greek expression ‘ἱεραρχία’ signals ‘rule by priests’ (from ‘ἱεράρχης’ – ierarches, signifying ‘president of hallowed rites, high-priest’ and that from ‘ἱερεύς’ – iereus, ‘priest’ + ‘ἀρχή’ – arche, amid other ones ‘first place either power, rule’), and Dionysius is recognized with first employ of it like an abstract noun. Since arranged in order of rank churches, such like the Roman Catholic (see Catholic Church hierarchy) and Eastern Orthodox churches, had boards of business that remained ‘hierarchical’ in the contemporary feel of the expression (traditionally with God as the Pinnacle either lead of the hierarchy), the expression arrived to allude to alike organisational techniques in nonreligious surroundings.