Dynamic Data Exchange NetDDE

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California-based corporation Wonderware elaborated an addition for DDE named NetDDE that might be applied to begin and keep the net-work links required for DDE chats amid DDE-aware applications operating on dissimilar computers in a net-work and transparently interchange information. A DDE chat is an communication amid customer and server applications. NetDDE might be applied alongside with DDE and the DDE administration library (DDEML) in applications.

DDESHARE.EXE (DDE Share Manager)
NDDENB32.DLL (Network DDE NetBIOS Interface)
NETDDE.EXE (Network DDE – DDE Communication)
Microsoft accredited a fundamental (NetBIOS Frames procedure only) variant of the article for addition within different adaptations of Windows from Windows for Workgroups to Windows XP. In extension, Wonderware as well traded an increased variant of NetDDE to their own clients that contained aid aimed at TCP/IP. The technics is widespread applied within the SCADA area. Basic Windows application programs utilizing NetDDE are Clipbook Viewer, WinChat and Microsoft Hearts.

NetDDE was nevertheless contained with Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP Service Pack 2, albeit it was immobilized by preset. It has been eliminated completely in Windows Vista. However, this tend to not stop existent adaptations of NetDDE from being established and functioning on afterward adaptations of Windows.