Coating – Roll-to-roll coating processes

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Common roll-to-roll coating actions include:

Air blade coating
Anilox coater
Flexo coater
Gap Coating
Knife-over-roll coating
Gravure coating
Hot Melt coating- as the required coating consistence is attained by degree of hotness or coldness somewhat compared to resolution of the polymers etcetera. This approach normally implicates slot-die coating overhead place temperature, however it as well is feasible to have hot-melt fritterer coating; hot-melt metering-rod coating, etcetera.
Immersion (dip) coating
Kiss coating
Metering rod (Meyer bar) coating
Roller coating
Forward fritterer coating
Reverse spin coating
Silk Screen coater
Rotary screen
Slot Die coating
Extrusion coating – normally elevated force, frequently elevated temperature, and with the net travelling a lot speedier compared to the pace of the extruded polymer.
Curtain coating- low consistence, with the slot vertically overhead the net and a gap amid slotdie and net.
Slide coating- bead coating with an angled slide amid the slotdie and the bead. Very with success applied aimed at multilayer coating in the pictorial business.
Slot perish bead coating- characteristically with the net sponsored by a fritterer and a quite not so large breach amid slotdie and net.
Tensioned-web slotdie coating- with no supporting for the net.
Inkjet printing
Some declension coating actions