Bahrain – Foreign relations

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Foreign relationships of Bahrain
Bahrain recognized bilateral relationships with 190 regions universal. As of 2012, Bahrain preserves a net-work of 25 embassies, 3 consulates and 4 enduring missions to the Arab League, United Nations and European Union correspondingly. Bahrain as well holds 36 embassies. Bahrain plays a average, abating part in territorial political affairs and coheres to the perspectives of the Arab League on Middle East amity and Palestinian claims, it aids the 2 state resolution. Bahrain is as well one of the establishing participants of the Gulf Cooperation Council. Relations with Iran incline to be aflutter as a effect of a disappointed coup d’état in 1981 that Bahrain blames Iran for and aperiodic asserts of Iranian autonomy over Bahrain by ultra-conservative components within the Iranian common.